Office Zug

At Bahnhofstrasse 7 in 6300 Zug we serve national and international customers in the areas of taxes, accounting and management. As an FAOA approved auditing company, we carry out both limited and ordinary audits.

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Office Solothurn

At Hauptbahnhofstrasse 2 in 4500 Solothurn, we advise customers from the Solothurn and Berne region on tax, accounting and financial statements. As an FAOA approved auditing company, we carry out both limited and ordinary audits.

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Office Grenchen

At Centralstrasse 8 in Grenchen, WADSACK offers customers from the Grenchen region fiduciary services such as tax consultancy, auditing, bookkeeping and preparation of financial statements.

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WADSACK Services

Register your company in Switzerland

We will prepare the documents which are necessary to register or incorporate your company in Switzerland. This includes for example the application to the commercial register, minutes of the board meeting, etc. We can provide domicile of such a company / branch at our offices.

Accounting, payroll and VAT services

We will keep the general ledger accounts for the branch/company on our internal bookkeeping system ABACUS in order to comply with Swiss Accounting Standard. WADSACK is able to offer you payroll accounting as well, which help you to stay in line with the local labor law regulations (tax at source, collective labor contracts etc.). In order to submit the Swiss VAT returns in time we keep the accounts on a quarterly basis. Upon request, we will provide monthly or quarterly interim financial statements. At the year-end, we will support with the preparation of the annual financial statements and the corporate housekeeping matter in general. Furthermore, we will prepare the Swiss VAT returns on a quarterly basis as well as conduct the annual VAT reconciliations.

Tax and legal consultancy

We can assist you with the declaration of tax at source and year-end tax return forms for Switzerland. As WADSACK has its own legal and tax department, we can also consult you in connection with general tax and legal questions.

Work permits

We can assist with the application for work permits in Switzerland. We will prepare the necessary forms and coordinate the application with the authorities.