Webshare - for secure data transmission

Webshare is our free and server-based platform that enables electronic data transfer. A unique link is generated for each data transfer, which gives you access to the platform. The corresponding link will automatically become unusable when the set expiry date is reached. A customer-related password also increases data protection. Webshare enables the uncomplicated exchange of small to large amounts of data.


File-Share - for frequent data transmission

With File-Share, an electronic folder is available to you and WADSACK, to which both parties have access. A "tunnel" access is established via a VPN connection. This connection enables you and WADSACK to store documents in the corresponding File-Share folder at any time. Only you and WADSACK have access to these documents, which ensures uncomplicated and secure data exchange. This is an ideal solution especially for frequent data transfer.


Further information

Sonja Hohler is available to answer your questions at 032 613 20 30 or sonja.hohler(at)wadsack.ch.