Our Services

Tax Consulting

Drawing up tax returns and tax exemptions for individual as well as legal entities. Checking tax assessments and taxation for all Swiss cantons.

Management Consulting

The implementation of company incorporations, conversions, realignment, restructuring, mergers and liquidations. Evaluation of companies in Switzerland and abroad.


Interim and annual auditing by licensed auditors in accordance with art. 727 ff of the Swiss Securities Law. Audits and reports for reductions in corporate capital, transfer of domicile by foreign companies into Switzerland, assessments in preparation for company formation, assessing increases in corporate capital, special audits in accordance with art. 697a - 697g of the Swiss Securities Law.


Keeping client accounts in accordance with both Swiss and foreign financial reporting laws. Accounting, balancing of accounts and reporting in accordance with IFRS.


Incorporation, management and administration of Swiss holding and domiciled corporations.

Asset Management

Overall management of assets with detailed accounting of assets, including monthly valuations and extensive statistics. Coordinating the selection of banks and the development of individual investment strategies, in collaboration with our clients as well as with various banks in Switzerland and abroad and in cooperation with various specialized investment Consultants.

Special Activities

Consulting in diverse domains relevant to business activities in Bulgaria. Assumption of internal auditing mandates of subsidiaries in Bulgaria.