Our Philosophie

Our philosophy has been shaped through many years of experience gathered with our clients. We are committed to the following:


We believe that the meaning of service is to serve. Our clients are our sovereigns. We are aware of the fact that we do not just sell a product but an assignment, a benefit as well. It is only retrospectively that the client knows whether our performance has met his wishes and that it has corresponded with his needs. However, to a certain extent our positive track record, as well as our long-standing experience, is the guarantee of continuously Excellent services provided. The discussion and the careful analysis of the client's requirements are as important to us as the conscientious albeit expeditious execution of the assignment.

Adaptability (Approach)

To serve also means to adapt to the needs of clients. Our customers are not pressed into a rigid mold. We adapt ourselves according to the needs of the moment. If the client wants an individualized accounting, in his own currency or otherwise, then fulfilling this wish is implicit in our service.


Only a structured growth can secure a long-term future; obviously we all want to safeguard our future. However, we are not just concerned with quantitative but with qualitative growth as well. Undoubtedly both are closely linked. Qualitative growth brings new clients, which translates into quantitative growth. In turn, quantitative growth increases our work experience and thereby enhances our quality. Therefore, growth enhances the partnership with our clients and it is this partnership that furthers our growth.


Growth leads to change. We are ready to accept change and we are willing and able to shape the change. Change leads to an alteration of a procedural pattern, which contrasts with an optimization of functionality. The optimization of functionality requires the management of stability, whereas the alteration of a procedural pattern requires the management of instability. Optimizing functionality, i.e. stability, is like sailing along a familiar coast, while altering a procedural pattern is like sailing along an unfamiliar coast - "the motion creates the goal. Not even the captain knows where the journey is leading to. One thing is certain, however: it is a risky endeavour and not everyone can survive it!"

Creative redesign

The future has already begun. Changes in the marketplace (Opening to the East, the European single currency, etc.), the introduction of new technologies and organizational forms, the merger of enterprises, product innovation and management changes in the business world demand creativity and alterations in procedural patterns. We see our future in the redesign of our own services as well as in helping our clients to redesign theirs.